About Us

Brainster Apps builds educational apps for mobile devices targeting early childhood ages 1 to 8. The fun games, captivating music, attractive imagery, and likable characters will help your child be engaged in these focused exercises that will improve their learning skills. Brainster apps are the perfect supplemental tool to aid in the instruction for children at home, in the classroom, or on the go.

Check out our apps and see why thousands of young children around the world have chosen Brainster Apps. More apps are constantly being added, so sign up to our mailing list or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter to get alerts for new releases.

Our Story

It was October 2011 when our co-founder, David, laid hands on his first iPad. He saw the incredible potential of this device as a platform, and set out to create his own app. He buried himself in programming tutorials and relied on his experience in graphic design, and in a few months released his first app.

Up until this point, his sister Jennifer had been completely against introducing her 4 young kids to video/computer games. But when she saw what a useful tool it could be in teaching her son to learn colors, she teamed up with David to cater his apps toward early childhood education. Thus, Brainster Apps was born.

This brother/sister team had already had years of experience working together. From a very young age, the siblings were constantly creating projects from building multi-story cardboard houses to producing home music videos. Although app development is a more sophisticated version of those childhood creations, the same passion and imagination that drove them still inspires new creations today.

David and Jennifer hope that through their apps, kids will feel equally motivated to become independent learners and creators so that they too can grow up to be innovators and have the confidence to pursue their dreams.

Jennifer Moore

Jennifer Moore is an entrepreneur with a passion for education. She is the creative director and writer for Brainster Apps, and imagines the stories, characters, and educational games within the apps. Her four kids and their friends are the testers and background voices for the apps. Jennifer’s dream is to someday bring these apps to poverty-stricken schools in developing countries in order to give underprivileged kids access to good educational resources. She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from UCLA, where she also studied education. She holds a master’s degree from USC and runs a consulting firm along with her husband in Southern California.

David James

David James holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology and is a self-taught programmer, web designer, and graphic designer. He manages all the technical aspects of the company, including the coding, design, and video production. His background in psychology research provides a basis for some of the scientific-based games that are incorporated into the apps.