Welcome to the Veggie Circus, where children ages 1 to 2 and those learning to speak will learn 15 popular vegetables. There are 4 instructional sections including Veggie School, Veggie Play, Veggie Show and Prize Page.

  • Veggie School: Veggie School teaches 15 vegetable images and their associated names, including the phonetic sound of the starting letter. Your child learns vegetable names, starting sounds and vegetable facts while looking at real life images.
  • Veggie Play: This set of six games invites your child to interact with the vegetable characters while exercising their brain skills. Your child will delight in games such as catching the vegetable in the bucket and puzzle piece matching. Playing these activities help your child to develop foundational learning skills as identified in the 10 Pillars of Learning framework.
  • Veggie Show: Your child will be entertained by a fun circus show set to the well-known song Entry of the Gladiators, by Julius Fucik. Encourage your child to participate by naming the vegetables as they appear on the screen.
  • Prize Page: At the end of each Vegetable Play section, a fun sticker is awarded. These virtual stickers can be moved around to create make-believe stories. Capture your favorite scenes to your photos folder so you can revisit the story later.

The brilliant vegetable graphics, engaging games, and lively music will captivate your child as he/she learns about vegetables and develops foundational learning skills!

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