The Brainster Apps First Words for Toddlers App Series comes with accompanying printable cartoon and photograph flashcards. You may quiz your child with these flashcards, asking “what’s that?” as is done in the app. You may also just set the flashcards in front of your child and allow him or her to play with them and study the images independently. It is recommended to print these on card stock to ensure the durability of the flashcards. If you do print on cardstock, it is recommended to cut the corners round to avoid sharp corners.


Animal Flashcards – Set 1

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Animal Flashcards – Set 2

[table id=11 /]


Fruits Flashcards – Set 1

[table id=16 /]


Fruits Flashcards – Set 2

[table id=15 /]


Sea Animal Flashcards – Set 1

[table id=13 /]


Sea Animal Flashcards – Set 2

[table id=14 /]


Veggie Flashcards – Set 1

[table id=9 /]


Veggie Flashcards – Set 2

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