Girls ages 2 to 6 can express their creativity while learning about various countries with Katy International. This app teaches little girls about fashion, animals and culture as they play dress up and create their own fashion show. Katy’s big sister Missy (who also has her own app, Missy International) is a model who has been invited to perform at an International Fashion Show. Missy has asked Katy to attend with her and dress up in her own set of outfits. The International Fashion Show features 10 select countries – Argentina, Egypt, England, France, India, Japan, Nigeria, Poland, French Polynesia, and USA. From Nigerian geles to Japanese kimonos, there is a beautiful selection of accessories, hairstyles and cultural objects for Katy to wear.

Each outfit has been carefully researched and hand drawn to represent traditional or popular fashions of a specific country. Even Katy’s pets represent popular animals present within the country. While visiting each place, girls also learn about common or historic objects from that area.

Girls can choose a background that represents the country, bring Katy into their own personal photo, or take a new photo and insert Katy into the photo. This image can be shared or entered into a monthly photo contest. All the outfits that are selected are added to the fashion show lineup, and girls will have the fun of watching their own fashion show that they created.

“Girls get the reward of assembling their fashion ideas and putting on their own show,” says Jennifer Moore, co-founder of Brainster Apps, “At the same time, this app takes girls beyond the boundaries of their world and shows them images of other fascinating places rich in culture.”

Katy International is a free app to download, allowing you to access three full countries. An option to make an in-app purchase will unlock the full version, which provides access to seven additional countries and the full fashion show.

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