Missy is preparing to go to an International Fashion Show where she must select ten outfits from different countries/eras to model. Select the perfect dressup combination of accessories, objects and animals to go with Missy’s beautiful dresses. You can choose country-specific backgrounds or make your own picture a background for Missy in her costumes.  Submit your photos to our online contest or share them with your friends and family.  Give yourself a makeover and be a fashion star in the world of Missy International!

Missy International is designed for girls age 8 and above who love to play fun dressup games, and love fashion and style.  The carefully researched images from each of the ten countries/eras feature clothing, accessories and cultural objects that were individually hand drawn with the greatest detail.  Additionally, this free educational app goes beyond the typical dressup and fairy princess game to educate you about the culture, style and history of the country.

Be inspired through stories of historic women figures that have helped shaped culture, politics or social movements of their country.  Get a glimpse what the life of a young girl might be like, learn about fashion styles for that country, and experience music and scenes of your doll’s country that will captivate your imagination.

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