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Favorite Kids Songs, Nursery Rhymes, and Baby Lullabies

Favorite Kids Songs is an adorable collection of classic children’s songs, lullabies and nursery rhymes.

First Words for Toddlers 4: Veggies

Welcome to the Veggie Circus, where children ages 1 to 2 and those learning to speak will learn 15 popular vegetables. There are 4 instructional sections including Veggie School, Veggie Play, Veggie Show and Prize Page.

First Words for Toddlers 3: Sea Animals

Dive into the ocean for an underwater exploration of sea animals! Your hosts are Brian the Bee and Brianna the butterfly, two animated characters who will guide your child throughout the app.

First Words for Toddlers 2: Fruits

Introduce your child to 15 popular fruits through First Words for Toddlers 2: Fruits, a mobile app targeted towards children ages 1-2 or those learning to speak.  At this stage of life, your child’s foundational skills for learning are quickly developing. 

First Words for Toddlers 1: Animals

Help your child to learn about animals!  First Words for Toddlers 1: Animals, aids in language and fine motor development for the littlest app players.  Set in a zoo in the countryside, Brian the Bee and Brianna the Butterfly lead an exciting animal tour. 

Word-A-Licious Toddler

Word-A-Licious Toddler is an interactive word flashcard game for toddlers and children.  Using a combination of vibrant game graphics and crystal clear photos, you’ll help your child build a strong word vocabulary and enhance their memory in a fun, interactive game environment.